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Worker's Compensation

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Whether you’re working hard labor at a construction site or in the corner office, injuries can occur in any workplace. In fact, there were 4.3 million nonfatal workplace injuries in 2023 alone. To help with your workers’ compensation claim, John Lochemes, MD, at Titan Orthopedics in Memphis, Tennessee, is with you every step of the way, ensuring you get the care you need. If you’ve been injured on the job and need help with your workers’ compensation, please call the office or use the online scheduling tool.

Workers' Compensation Q & A

What is workers’ compensation?

The Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act requires certain employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits, including any employer in construction and any employer with five or more employees. The goal behind this type of insurance is to provide lost wages and medical expenses for employees who are hurt on the job.

What are the most common workers’ compensation injuries?

There are hundreds of ways you can get injured on the job, from tripping over a computer wire to being injured by heavy equipment. To give you a better idea of the types of claims that Dr. Lochemes handles, here are the most common workers’ comp injuries:


This is the number one workplace injury and includes anything that involves pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying, and throwing.

Slips, trip-and-falls, or falls

These types of injuries include any trip or fall due to slippery or hazardous surfaces. Under this category are injuries known as bodily reactions, wherein you don’t necessarily have to fall to incur an injury. Straight falls, on the other hand, involve falling from a higher level to a lower level, such as falls off ladders or roofs.

Struck by or against an object

Accidents, where things drop on you, are included in this category, as well as incidents where you accidentally run into something.

Highway incident

If driving and transportation are part of your job description, any injury that’s incurred in this capacity falls into this category.

Machinery accidents

This type of workers’ comp injury is fairly common among people who work around heavy and dangerous machinery.

Repetitive motion

While not an acute injury, repetitive motion or stress injuries are common among many workers, from carpal tunnel syndrome to strained muscles.

How are workers’ compensation injuries handled?

If you’ve been injured during the course of your work, trust the expertise of Dr. Lochemes, who not only helps you heal properly, but also helps you navigate the many layers of a workers’ comp claim.

Rest assured, Dr. Lochemes puts your care first before he actively works with the entire workers’ comp system, including your employer and the insurance company. He ensures the timely production of work release, office notes, and other information that’s important for facilitating your care and your employer’s needs.

For superior workers’ compensation care, call Titan Orthopedics or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.