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About Our Orthopaedic Practice

About Our Orthopaedic Practice

Titan Orthopedics, a top orthopedic clinic in Memphis, TN, provides experienced and comprehensive orthopedic care to patients of all ages. Under the direction of board-certified orthopedic surgeon John Lochemes, MD, Titan Orthopedics prides itself on being the first stop for musculoskeletal problems of all kinds, from degenerative arthritis to sports injuries.

Whether it’s shoulder pain or knee pain, the team at Titan Orthopedics approaches each patient as a whole person, rather than a single complaint. With the goal of providing individualized treatment plans that restore optimal function, the providers at Titan Orthopedics partner with patients to reach their long-term goals.

Always preferring a conservative approach, the providers at Titan Orthopedic bring the latest tools to bear, including regenerative medicine, physical therapy, and preventive care. When surgery is needed, Dr. Lochemes uses the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques, including arthroscopic knee and shoulder repair. Should a patient require a specialist, the team has an extensive referral network and ensures that patients get the care they need.

To learn more about the services offered at Titan Orthopedics, call the office or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

Providing Comprehensive and Personalized Orthopaedic Care

Joint pain in your knees or shoulders can be incredibly disruptive to your life. Not only can pain interrupt your daily activities, but you might also find yourself worried about what’s causing your pain and what you can do to improve it, or worried about long-term effects. After all, knees and shoulders allow you to bend, reach, and walk comfortably—pain can disrupt your activities and may make you worried about what will happen down the road.

Maybe you’ve heard that you need to visit a specialist, but still find yourself wondering what kind of doctor to see for shoulder pain or what doctor treats knee pain. Choosing a shoulder or knee specialist in Memphis, TN—especially for surgery—can be overwhelming and frightening. You need to find someone well qualified and skilled, but also empathetic and welcoming—you need an orthopedic clinic ready to see you as a person, not just a patient.

We are well-equipped to handle problems that can arise at any stage of life—whether it’s a sports injury, an injury at work, arthritis pain, or something else. We are here to help you find a way to manage and resolve your pain, with surgical, non surgical and physical therapy treatments that help you to achieve your long-term goals. One way that we do this is by approaching each of our patients holistically. At Titan Orthopedics, we see each person as a full and complete individual. We use your goals and lifestyle to help us create a plan for both nonsurgical and surgical treatment while addressing the cause of your pain and its resolution.

Trusted Memphis Ortho Clinic

At Titan Orthopedics, we’re here to make your choice simple. We are a board-certified orthopedic clinic in Memphis, TN. With over 30 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. John Lochemes, MD, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team as our provider for orthopedic surgery. He is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, and is knowledgeable and up-to-date with current practices and approaches in orthopedics and familiar with issues that can arise with the musculoskeletal system of your body.

Shoulder or knee pain can have a wide variety of causes—from repetitive motions and overuse, to acute injuries. Dr. Lochemes and our team of professionals will look for the source of your pain, along with the cause, by conducting advanced imaging scans to get the full picture of what’s going on inside your body. Based on the cause, we can develop a treatment plan—whether that’s physical therapy, bracing, medication, surgery, or a referral to another specialist in our wide network. This helps to ensure a proper diagnosis and prompt treatment that improves your life while also preventing further injury in the future.

When you’re looking for top shoulder surgeons near me or knee surgeons in my area in Memphis, TN, the Titan Orthopedics team is here to help you get back to doing what you love and a pain-free lifestyle. In addition to our provider’s extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Lochemes has received multiple awards for his exceptional work in orthopedics. These include being recognized as a Castle Conolly Top Doctor 2023, one of America's Most Honored Doctors 2023, and being named one of the Three Best Rated for Best Orthopedics in Memphis.

We are thrilled to have testimonials from clients who got relief from their pain from our specialist shoulder and knee doctors in Memphis, TN. Give us a call at (901)255-6532 or use our online contact form to request an appointment today!


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Here is a list of insurances accepted at Titan Orthopedics. If you do not see your insurance provider or if you have any questions about payment, please contact our office.

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Words from our patients

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    "My experience here lasted several months. In every appointment each member of this fine staff was not only highly qualified but really caring."

    Gayle R.
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    "Dr. John has the best bedside manners & is so easy to talk to. He has a wealth of knowledge & information on getting me back to where I was before my shoulder froze."

    Priscilla J.
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    "Came for a workman's comp claim, went back for my own personal injury. In both cases all of the staff were polite, friendly, informative, & best of all punctual!"

    Sophia G.


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