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It's FALL Season 2023

Fall time in the midsouth is absolutely stunning. Memphis and the midsouth area is getting ready to show-out, filling our landscapes and skyline with a multitude of colors and textures. But while you are looking up and around at the natural beauty and enjoying the cooler air, beware that falls can also happen when the ground gets slick with leaves, yard debris/other vegetation, and mud. Falls that happen outside can easily damage joints and bones, requiring care from Titan Orthopedics, an all-inclusive premier Memphis shoulder and orthopedic clinic with an onsite physical therapist

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Dr. John Lochemes, board certified knee specialist in Memphis TN says, “There are 5 common injuries that happen when someone falls. They happen as a consequence of how and where the body receives impact, according to how the fall happens and where the fall takes place. Our bodies are naturally designed to try to protect itself from the impact from a fall. Sometimes we can fall beautifully with minimal injury, and other times the fall is just ugly…and we get injured. Falls usually happen as a sequence, starting with landing on our booty first-then onto our hips, knees, ankles, and wrists. But when the fall is ugly and painful, it's important to come in and see us asap.”

Just like a Halloween cat, we all can hope that we fall upright, with equal weight, on all 4 limbs. But since this is not likely to happen, let's go over the most common fall injuries, starting with the least damaging. 


First off, is a sprain. A sprain occurs when one or more ligaments is stretched beyond its limits. Think of a rubber band that you have stretched a little too far, and then the outside edges of it start to pull away and fray apart. Clearly, you have stretched it beyond its normal limits of function and compromised its integrity. When a sprain leaves you with significant swelling, severe pain, and have difficulty moving the joint, it is time to ask, “who do I see for knee (or joint) pain”. Of course, the answer is the professional team at Titan Orthopedics


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The second most common injury during a fall is a torn meniscus. The meniscus is a very important piece of cartilage that acts as a rubber cushion and adds support between the femur and tibia. A meniscus tear can happen when you go one way and your knee goes the other way, or when you simply fall hard on your knees. Often, meniscus tears can be easily repaired with minimally invasive surgery when treated soon after the injury by a knee doctor in Memphis TN


Third in our list, is a tendon tear. Tendons attach muscles to the bones and form the connective tissue layer that gives structure and strength to our bones. When a tendon is torn or ruptured, it compromises the mobility of the limb that the tendon is attached to and limits the limb's ability to move and take action. Tendon injuries from a fall usually happen to the shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist, and elbow. It is very important to schedule an appointment at a Memphis orthopedic clinic to begin treatment that can reduce discomfort and additional damage. A surgical procedure is often prescribed for this type of damage and injury.  


Fourth on the list is a torn ligament. Where tendons hold muscles to bone, ligaments hold bones to bones and give our bodies structure. Ligaments are flexible and elastic in nature, but if you hear a pop sound when you fall, you probably have a ligament injury. This will show as pain, bruising and swelling, not being able to put any weight on the joint, and sometimes the joint will feel “loose”. Like a torn tendon, depending on the severity of the tear, a minimally invasive to full reconstructive surgical procedure may be necessary. 


Fifth on our list is a knee, ankle, hip, shoulder, elbow, or wrist, joint dislocation. You will definitely be needing a dr for neck and shoulder pain if you have dislocated any part of your upper body. When the impact from a fall is so severe that it travels through the body and the joint takes the majority of the impact (certainly an ugly fall), your joint can become dislocated. This is a very traumatic injury, and you will need Dr. Lochemes, a top orthopedic surgeon to repair and re-place/reposition the joint at the nationally renowned Campbell Clinic. This type of injury can also involve complications from damaged blood vessels and nerves as well. 


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All of these common injuries from a fall have one thing in common…they can all be treated at Titan Orthopedics. Titan Orthopedics is a patient focused, all-inclusive memphis shoulder and orthopaedic surgery, and rehabilitation clinic with your mental and physical wellness in mind. 



At Titan Orthopedics, we make healing and getting better – easy for you! Call 24/7 (901) 255-6532 or request your appointment online and schedule your appointment with our professional and caring team.



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