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Are Your Knees Letting You Down?

Have you ever experienced your knees buckling underneath you? Have you ever tried to get up from a chair and looked for something to hang onto, to help you get up? These are all experiences that bring patients to knee doctor specialist, Dr. John Lochemes, of Titan Orthopedics. And they all have the same question, “How do I know when I need to have my knees fixed?” For Memphis orthopedic clinic patients in the greater mid south area of Memphis, Germantown, Collierville and North Mississippi, this is a very normal and common question. According to Dr. Lochemes, “the answer is…when your life decisions are based around the use of your knees, and they block your view of a better life”. These are some very strong words filled with honesty and hope for those suffering from knee pain and need a knee specialist in Memphis, TN

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Why are my knees letting me down?


There can be many different reasons for knee instability and pain. As a Memphis 3 Best Board Certified orthopedic knee surgeon in my area, Dr. Lochemes sees knee issues in all ages of people; from children to teens and young adults to the more mature weekend warriors and retired folks. Age is not necessarily a precursor to knee problems, but it is the most common. A body can become worn out or worn down and injured. A combination of all these makes for an (OA) osteoarthritis “soup du jour”. 


If you have an underlying condition (or knee weakness), the cause can often be identified with arthroscopy.  Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive outpatient surgery procedure where a small incision (cut) is made by an orthopedic doctor, to see inside the joint. 


What is the newest technology for knee stabilization?


Titan Orthopedics is leading the way with the newest surgical stabilization  with Internal Brace Technology. Internal Bracing is done along with ACL Reconstruction. Internal Brace technology is done during surgery and provides extra stabilization to the replaced ACL ligament tissue and acts as a bodyguard. It provides protection and gives stabilization to the ACL surgery site, which helps allow for faster healing with less stress to the new ligament. Surgeries are performed at the nationally renowned Campbell Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee.


Dr. Lochemes says, “We added Internal Brace Technology to our surgeries in 2021, soon after the technology became available. Before this, we had to rely on the patient being the caretaker of the surgery site by keeping the activity and stress on it low and controlled, until it healed properly. This is a big “ask” for a patient because of the daily demands of life. Now, with the addition of an Internal Brace, we can provide patients with the benefits of knee surgery along with internal protection and stabilization to help protect the new ligament. This makes patient recovery quicker and more comfortably after surgery. It also allows for faster healing with less stress to the new ligament.” It also allows for faster physical therapy recovery with their in-house Physical Therapist, Chris M. Valas, PT, DPT. All of these, combined, will get you back to your normal activities as quickly as possible. 


What are the 2 most common reasons for knee pain and instability?


Knee pain and instability are usually the result of 2 situations. The first situation is where a series of conditions and injuries have occurred over a period and time and the result is chronic (on going). The second is the result of a sudden trauma or injury (an event-where something happened). 

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When do I need to immediately see Dr. Lochemes?


There are a couple of situations that can happen where it is very important to see Dr. Lochemes ASAP. The first one is fairly straightforward. This is when you experience a traumatic injury such as a car wreck, bicycle crash, or a serious fall, where it is pretty clear that you may have broken, dislocated, or fractured a bone. Most people (especially if they see blood) will just immediately go to the emergency room. But, you might also wonder, what is the other situation that requires you to see Dr. Lochemes ASAP? The answer is…when you hear a pop and/or have immediate swelling after an injury or a fall.


Immediate swelling is a sure sign that the joint has become filled with blood (hemarthrosis). This is not good! If this happens, then you need to stop, drop, and roll and get some ice on it and get into Titan Orthopedics ASAP. Fortunately, Titan Orthopedics receives patient calls 24/7, offers online appointment scheduling, and provides one-stop comprehensive orthopedic care and recovery for all ages. 


What non-surgical treatments does Titan Orthopedics Offer?


Sometimes joint swelling and pain can be caused by the food we eat. A body may go into a “reaction” mode to a particular food or foods, causing the immune system to over respond and essentially attack itself. For this reason, your doctor may recommend the Whole30 Dietary Plan to eliminate and reintroduce foods that may cause allergies, inflammation, digestion, mood, and sleep problems. 


For knee pain that has slowly built up over time, Titan offers Cortisone and HA (hyaluronic acid) injections. These injections can increase comfort and mobility by reducing swelling/inflammation/pain and increasing lubrication in the joint. They are often accompanied by the use of ultrasound to better see the interior of the joint and help land the injection into the right spot for maximum effectiveness. Usually, injections are done every 6 months and are frequently covered by insurance carriers. They are also made affordable for those who self pay.

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Sometimes HA and Cortisone injections will be combined with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) injection therapy, using Titan’s own in-house Angel System Biologics. This is frequently done when knee pain is combined with a traumatic or non-traumatic injury, or when there is underlying arthritis plus trauma (injury). These situations are prone to causing swelling “flare-ups” that can, in turn, cause ACL tears. In the most extreme of chronic pain situations is bone on bone, where the joint cartilage, for the most part, is worn away, and eventually joint replacement surgery becomes an option.  


Titan orthopedic clinic in Memphis specializes in personalized in-house start to finish surgical and non-surgical care for shoulder and knee pain. If you are suffering from knee pain, buckling, or they are giving away from underneath you, schedule online or call Titan Orthopedics today at (901) 255-6532 for appointments, treatment, surgery, and physical therapy recovery.  We accept a wide variety of insurance providers and Workers’ Compensation Coverage. More value added FREE information can be found in the online article library.


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