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What To Do When You Have Shoulder Pain?

Most weekend warriors, golfers, and student athletes in the greater Memphis metro area know what a rotator cuff is...or are at least familiar with shoulder pain. For those of us who have been lucky enough (knock on wood) to never have experienced a “frozen shoulder” or dislocated shoulder, as you get older (over 40) you could wake up one day and get up from the bed with shoulder pain. This may seem strange but it happens more often than you may think. 

Many factors can contribute to shoulder pain that arises in the muscles and tendons that keep the shoulder in place. You may have experienced a work-place injury and need to be seen by a doctor as a part of Workers Compensation. Even the - not so risky - desk job of being on the computer all day can cause shoulder pain. So, now with all this being said…what do you do? Who do you see? Where do you go? The most common answer is, go see the well qualified Orthopedic physician and medical staff at Titan Orthopedics

There are usually 3 reasons a person will come to Titan Orthopedics to have their shoulder evaluated. One is pain; pain is pretty good at getting our attention and motivating us to go see the doctor. The second is limited mobility; not being able to lift your arm or have it do the things you need it to do, is very inconvenient. And the third is an acute injury or accident; you could end up at the hospital emergency room or calling the Titan Orthopedics office for a rushed emergency office appointment

Let's say you are experiencing pain. Dr. Lochemes, rated 3 Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Memphis, will review your symptoms, order advanced imaging to get a better look inside your shoulder, and then come up with a treatment plan to help you manage the pain. If you are experiencing limited mobility you may need to add a physical therapy treatment plan. If you have had an injury or you are not responding to the prescribed treatments, then Dr. Lochemes may recommend a surgical solution to repair the shoulder. 

If shoulder surgery has been recommended as a solution for you, then there are several things most people will consider. The first is usually, how much pain will I be in after the surgery? And the second is, how long will it take me to recover? Because each person's body is unique and there are several different kinds of surgical procedures, each person will have their own level of pain and recovery time. But what is important, is how Dr. Lochemes uses over 30 years of surgical experience to skillfully perform the surgery, reduce pain, and promote the body's healing ability. 

When you need shoulder surgery, you will have all of your pre and post surgical care done at the Titan Orthopedics office suites. When it is time for your surgery, Dr. Lochemes will perform the shoulder surgery at the nationally renowned Campbell Clinic surgical center with the use of biologics and regenerative surgery procedures. Both of these are very powerful additions to the improvement of surgery outcome. Post surgery pain is addressed by enhancing and extending pain control relief with prolonged regional anesthesia. This is all just a fancy way of saying that Dr. Lochemes uses his extensive knowledge and experience to give the best surgery with the least amount of pain, and the fastest recovery time possible. 

For most people, surgery is a frightening experience. But after the surgery it can be even more stressful. It can be difficult to understand what is going on with your body after a surgery…is this amount of pain normal, should my body look like this, should I be feeling this way or that way? Am I taking my medications correctly? Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? All of these questions are very normal after surgery. 

But what is also important is that your surgeon is available to answer your questions and concerns. Dr. Lochemes gives 24/7 personal access to all of his surgical patients. His goal is to make sure that he can be directly accessed by his patients after they have surgery and personally answer their questions after going home to recover. Having direct access to your surgeon after surgery is rare these days…but it is the cornerstone of good medical care and a Titan tradition. Titan Orthopedics offers fully coordinated physician and physical therapist - pre and post surgery medical care, all in the same convenient location. Call our Memphis office at (901) 255-6532 or schedule your appointment online


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